About Sustainability

We strongly believe there’s enough meaningless apparel in the world, and we do not want to contribute to the problem. That’s why we use recycled or sustainably harvested fibers wherever possible. Our business is designed around limited-edition production runs – meaning we’re focused on making special items you’ll really want. And we’re not just releasing products – we’re telling you our story through our prints.

Our swim trunks are made from 97% recycled polyester (with 3% spandex for that extra-comfortable fit). “Virgin” polyester is made from petroleum, which we all know is a highly problematic natural resource. Recycled polyester is made from breaking down other products made from petroleum (typically water bottles!) into their constituent parts and extruding that into polyester fiber. Unlike a lot of recycling processes that can require a huge amount of energy, resources, and time to extract a usable by-product, creating recycled polyester is incredibly straightforward and results in a fiber that, even at the microscopic level, is unrecognizably different from virgin polyester.

And, yes, we’re well aware of the major issue of micro-plastics (microscopic pieces of plastic that break off of polyester garments while being worn and washed, ending up in the ocean and, eventually, the food chain), but we feel strongly that recycled polyester is the best material for swim trunks because it is light, comfortable, quick-drying, and takes print beautifully; and because of the relatively limited amount of wear swim trunks get in relation to other items in your wardrobe, it’s a reasonable balance. That said, we’re always sourcing new fabrics, new techniques, and new ideas. Have a thought for us? Let us know!

We have a range of products in the pipeline using all sorts of groundbreaking textiles. We can’t wait to share them with you!